As the leaves begin to change colors and the cooler temperatures are approaching, A Place at the Table seems to be transforming as well. We had a terrific (it isn’t over yet) month of September and are excited for all we have accomplished!

What has a beautiful September been like for A Place at the Table?

  • We hosted two Awareness events. We were able to share our passion on community and healthy food with over 100 people throughout these events.  We are grateful for a number of things that happened that week and would like to thank all who made it possible.
    • Faith leaders, friends, and family members who attended (or who were unable to attend as well) – We are thankful for your attendance, energy, and support during these events. Thank you for your kind words, generation donations, and willingness to share our message. We were thrilled to meet you and cannot wait to get to know you around the table soon!
    • Amazing food, coffee, and donated items – Thank you to Rocky Top Hospitality, Neomonde, Café Carolina, and Brueggers for a delicious spread of breakfast items and strong coffee, both of which are very needed at early events. J
    • West Raleigh Presbyterian Church – Thank you for being hospitable and allowing us to use your church for these two events.
    • Board of Directors – Thank you to the rock star Board of Directors of A Place at the Table for pulling this week off and lacking sleep throughout the week.
  • We have received news that our 501C3 Nonprofit status is pending. We are anxious, but extremely hopeful that we will receive a positive response soon!
  • We are launching a Crowdfunding campaign on October 1. We will be sharing stories of various people involved with A Place at the Table, updates on our project, and ways in which people can help. Stay tuned for a post next week on the launch of it and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see live updates.
  • We were featured in an article from a website that focuses on fiscal sponsorship. Read more here! Thanks Marjorie for writing about us and sharing our story.
  • The construction of the building of where A Place at the Table will be located is now on the second floor. They have 5 more stories to go, but seeing progress is exciting!
  • We have grown our team. We have many amazing people involved and are thankful for their willingness to help, their encouragement, and their devotion to the project.

Last but certainly not least, we are thankful for you all as readers, friends, and advocates of this project. This could not be possible without your support.  We are all another month closer to eating healthy food and being in community at A Place at the Table.

Until next time..


1 of the 2 Awareness events

Friends and family at an Awareness event

Hollie and Kelly

Hollie and Kelly with one of our delicious food donations. Thanks Neomonde!

Progress on our building

Progress of our building!

Hardworking team working on our Crowdsourcing campaign

Maggie, Megan, Meredith, Hollie, & Stephanie working hard on the Crowdsourcing campaign.


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