The Campaign’s Finished But We Aren’t

The time has come for our campaign to close. We know A Place at the Table has flooded your email inbox with Indiegogo updates and has posted numerous times throughout your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We thank you for being patient with our posts, reading and commenting on our blogs, and donating your time or financial means to help get us off the ground. We may not have the $100,000 or even the $25,000 we had hoped for in the last two weeks, but we have something else. We have almost $15,000 and more importantly we have your support – and that is invaluable. We have enjoyed hearing from the many people who have reached out to us and we so appreciate the encouragement you all have provided us.

Did we think this would ever happen 5 years ago? Did we think this would even happen a year ago? The answer is no. We cannot tell you how great it feels to have a network of people believe in this with us! Thank you for believing in A Place at the Table and supporting it in whatever way you are able to do.

You may notice we are keeping our campaign up for a few days. For all you marathon racers, we had an opportunity to enter into the virtual bag of information all racers receive. We thought it would be a good way for new followers and supporters to have a chance to find out about us! The campaign will officially end next Friday, October 6. Don’t worry, we won’t be sending any additional updates between now and then!

We hope to see you this Sunday at 7 PM at Tirnanog for Raleigh Beer and Hymns. Purchase a pint glass with Raleigh Brewing Company’s Pale Ale and the proceeds go to A Place at the Table! If you can’t make it to this event, no problem. We will be at Boxcar Bar + Arcade in downtown Raleigh on the evening of Wednesday, November 4th. Boxcar is donating 15% of the sales to us! Come play some games, #drinkforacause and meet us! If we don’t see you this week, do not hesitate to ever reach out to us with questions, comments, or suggestions. We love hearing from you.

We cannot wait to dine with you at A Place at the Table.

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