Thanks to Chef Keith at Vidrio!


A huge shout-out goes to Chef Keith Suarino, the new chef of an upcoming Mediterranean restaurant Vidrio. Chef Keith cooked a fantastic meal for our first pop-up on Saturday.



As you can see pictured below, no one went home hungry! We had a delicious NC fish with crab cake stuffing, pork belly, and tons of roasted veggies to choose from. I have also never heard so many people compliment brussel sprouts before. Many of us begged him for the recipe before he left.  Lastly, need I even explain how good the goat cheese mac and cheese was and the baklava the size of my face?

Chef Keith’s meal was one of a kind, his staff was a fantastic help day of, and his generosity in doing this for APATT was one we will never forget.  Thank you Chef Keith, thank you LM Restaurants, and thank you that we now can make his brussel sprout recipe! Stay tuned for when his new restaurant, Vidrio, opens! If this was even close to what he will prepare, I can only imagine what the menu will look like.


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