Thankful Past, Exciting Future 2

As 2015 came to a close, we sat back and reflected on all the amazing individuals, companies, and organizations that have helped A Place at the Table. Raleigh has embraced and encouraged the idea of a pay-what-you can cafe and we are thankful for the well-rounded, philanthropic community that is nested here, in the heart of Raleigh.

The news of A Place at the Table is continuing to spread fast. Chefs, restaurants, bars, community professionals, nonprofits, and churches have all found interest in helping the cafe. Just minutes from Downtown Raleigh, at West Raleigh Presbyterian Church, is a community of individuals who have lent a helping hand to A Place at the Table. The church community has helped to kick start outreach of the cafe.

2016A few blocks down the road, on Hillsborough Street, lies yet another group helping to spread the mission of A Place at the Table, Hillyer Memorial Church, St. Paul’s Christian Church, Covenant Christian Church, and Wake Forest Christian Church. The churches collaborated together to take it upon themselves to create a short video about how they view the cafe and wanted to use it as a method to spread the cafe’s mission. This creative display of A Place at the Table’s mission is from the eyes of youth and is representative of the fellowship we are aiming to spread to all.

As 2016 has revved up, the support from the community has as well. Our eyes are wide for the love, passion, and aid that the Raleigh community is offering to help the cafe. We are thankful for the abundance of love and support we saw in 2015 and are thrilled and eager for all that awaits us in the New Year! We envision this year to be filled with community outreach and innovation to get the word out about A Place at the Table. We see a city where all can dine, live, relate, and love each other. We will continue to be amazed by the generous support, and of course, we will save you a place at the table!


We invite you to spread the word about A Place at the Table, lend a helping hand to someone in need, and make a new friend this week. Let’s all work towards unifying the unique and diverse community we have in Raleigh!

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2 thoughts on “Thankful Past, Exciting Future

  • Mindy

    Happy NEW YEAR to APATT and your amazing team ! Congratulations on all the progress in 2015. Here’s to so many more exciting blessings in 2016! Thank you for letting our students in COM 466 and I ( at NC State) be a part of the team.