Reality Check: Indiegogo and Goal Setting

We are new at Indiegogo and crowdfunding.  We did not realize that a high goal might discourage some donors.

And by the time we learned this, we found the campaign goal cannot be changed.

What do we really need from this campaign?


What will we do with $25,000?  

Pay Rent.

We need $25,000 from this campaign to sign our lease.

We set our funding amount at $100,000. Why?

We do need this amount to open our doors in August 2016 for rent, start-up expenses and six months of working capital.

We failed to tell you that we raised about $20,000 with our community’s generous contributions prior to our campaign.  We cannot express how thankful we are. We feel fortunate to have support and advocates for this project.

We also have multiple fundraising events planned between now and when our doors open.  We will raise the whole $100,000.

Why have we not signed our lease yet?

We have not signed our lease to because the building is not ready and we are patiently waiting.

Now what? You have changed your goal, what do you need from me?

Just $17,679 to go. We can do this. But only with you by our side!

Will you help us bring A Place at the Table to Raleigh?

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