Quick Note from Maggie 2

Hey friends,

Where are we today? We have reached $10,000! We cannot thank you enough for following us on social media, staying up to date on our campaign, and sharing with your friends, family, and coworkers. We are grateful for the support financially that has allowed us to reach $10,000. Six months ago, I would never have imagined us getting to this point. Six months ago this seemed like an impossible goal. It seemed like we would not even get to having $100 in the bank.  Now we have 100 of those! We have 100 of those because each and every one of you helped us get there.

I personally am humbled by the people that have supported A Place at the Table by sending emails, the kind Facebook and personal notes, and the offers to volunteer and get involved. I cannot wait for all to volunteer with us when we open. Trust me, we will need you!

What is next? We do have a few more weeks in our campaign and we hope we can get to the goal we have set for ourselves of $25,000. With $25,000 we can sign our lease to move into the Hillsborough St. Lofts. We can make A Place at the Table possible for so many of us who need this place!

See all you wonderful friends at the table, soon.


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