Pullen Meal Recap

Hi everyone! My name is Morgan and I am one of A Pace at the Table’s interns this semester. I wanted to take time to share some of my thoughts on the Pullen Memorial meal last Friday. A Place at the Table would like to thank everyone who made it to our meal at Pullen Memorial Church – the rain did not stop us from enjoying great food and great company! Our goal for this event was to invite local community members to dine with folks who regularly come for a meal at the church – and it was a great success. People from all walks of life mingled together with one another, breaking down socioeconomic barriers and really getting to know each other by talking, laughing and learning together.

We had over 160 people join us for the meal! The roast beef, sweet potatoes, and asparagus were a hit! I heard many people compliment how delicious their meal was. Two of our esteemed guests, Stefan and Ricky, took over on the piano and played some beautiful tunes while we ate. I was able to move from table to table meeting many new people. This meal was an experience I will never forget and I can’t wait to share more memories like it as I continue to work with A Place at the Table.

I felt like a member of the A Place at the Table community from the moment I walked through the door. I look forward to seeing everyone again this Saturday at APATT’s Second Saturday Brunch Series at so ca Cocina Latina from 10-1. It’s in Cameron Village so it’s local to so many of us! Come enjoy a pay-what-you-can meal at a brand new Raleigh restaurant – you won’t want to miss this one. Last month we served more than 400 people at our first Second Saturday Brunch at bu ku. We expect similar turnout this Saturday! Come join in on all the fun. For more information, check out our Instagram posts about menu and details. I’ll see you all around the table on Saturday!


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