Our Loss, Michigan’s Gain

IMG_0562“We can do this,” Scott said to me on a random Monday afternoon in his office off Hillsborough Street.  Scott and I had been friends for a while. Prior to being friends, he was also my pastor in Presbyterian Campus Ministries (PCM). To many of my friends, my roommates, and his current students in PCM, Scott is the reason we joined PCM and the reason we had such an incredible four years in college. He was a terrific leader, brilliant pastor, and an even better friend.

“A Place at the Table is going to work and it is going to be great. Do not give up.” On top of being my friend, Scott was my partner-in-crime in the beginning of A Place at the Table (APATT). As we sat in his office on that Monday afternoon talking about our hopes and dreams for the Raleigh community, he knew that we could do anything.  I — the planner, worrier, risk averse one — was wondering how we would do it and thought saying it aloud would make it official.  Scott did it for me. From that day on, we began building the APATT foundation, incredible team, and supportive donors. His passion and resilience throughout the entire process assured me that APATT was needed and would, in fact, be great. During the pop-up on April 2, that need was revealed to me. Scott was right.

Scott is moving on to make a difference in the Michigan community. PCM, APATT, and I are going to miss him more than he will ever know but we are all thankful for the time we did have with him.  

And to Scott, thank you for believing in APATT and saying, “We can do this.”




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