Microgreens in Raleigh

I can’t lie to you, I had zero idea what a microgreen was. Embarrassment, I know, but thank goodness Sweet Peas Urban Gardens reached out to A Place at the Table! For all who were like me and do not know what a microgreen is, it is okay. You will get to try them in y1441658968our breakfast at our next pop-up cafe on August 27th. We can’t wait to see what our chefs come up with Sweet Peas’ generous donation of greens.

Sweet Peas Urban Gardens grows microgreens, which are fruits and vegetables that are harvested at their maximum nutrient density. When I went to meet them at the Rebus Works Farmer’s Market, they showed me how a small tablespoon of peas or spinach is all I need for my daily value of nutrients. These superfoods grow at their urban farm in Cropboxes that allow control over the environment.  Popular on the west coast, they are the first to bring this massive movement to our area. A Place at the Table can’t wait to buy from them when we open and support the great work they are doing to pioneer urban farming here.

Read more about them and watch out for open farm days here: http://www.sweetpeasurbangardens.com/index.html

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