Learning to Love the Marginalized

“When God first sent us to serve the poor, every moment was awkward.  Each confrontation was wrought with anxiety…However, God changed me and grafted genuine love for the least into my heart.  I looked forward to every encounter, rejected service that was [only] labor-intensive rather than relationally focused.  I became a girl who loved the marginalized.  I couldn’t get enough of them in my personal space..what was uncomfortable (engaging the poor) became comfortable.”   

-Jen Hatmaker in the intro to “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.”

I am a board member of A Place at the Table.  I have always been able to afford to purchase or prepare healthy food or to dine wherever I pleased.  After hearing about community cafes, I felt compelled to join the group trying to bring one to the Wake County area so that everyone can enjoy community and a healthy meal regardless of means.   

I believe a lot of people will benefit from the community cafe but not just those who receive an affordable and delicious healthy meal that they can “pay” for by donating money or time.

A lot of people will be changed by the community in the cafe, by learning to love the marginalized, the poor, and those needing community. Many of us would like to be changed and have a genuine love for all.   A Place at the Table offers a space where that can happen.

-Allison Connors, Board Member 

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