Intern Insights

Meet Kristen, Morgan, and Naara, our three fabulous NC State Interns! We have partnered with COM 456 for a few semesters now. We have met many amazing students and friends throughout this class. Many have stuck around with us, helping us through many more semesters. These three beautiful ladies are brilliant, kind, and radiate joy. We are grateful to have them with us for these next few months.


Next, let me introduce you to the wonderful Anna! She attends Meredith College and has been with us for two semesters now. Initially, we were worried when her internship was coming to an end, but when she asked if she could stay around we were thrilled! She is an all star communicator, one of the sweetest people possible, and a ball of sunshine.

These students are incredible. They all work multiple jobs, have other internships, and still manage to have social lives. Did we mention that they prioritize A Place at the Table above all these things? In two months, at least one has been present for every meeting we have had. It is such a pleasure to have them on our team. We hope you will take the chance to meet them at an upcoming event (Second Saturday Breakfast Series).

Thanks ladies for all your hard work and for joining our team!

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