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We have a great surprise for you today. Megan, Meredith, and Yannay are three awesome NC State students, friends, and advocates for A Place at the Table. They are in a nonprofit class and have to fulfill an intern requirement. They chose us and boy are we lucky. Below, they write the impact A Place at the Table will have on the student population and why they believe it is important.


















Food insecurity is all around us. There is no limit to who is affected and how much we can make a difference. We wanted to dig deeper into the lives of NC State students to see where they are getting their food, for how much, and if they are given the opportunity to help others on a daily basis. What we found only confirmed the need for our pay-as-you-can cafe in Raleigh.

We first wanted to gage how much money NC State students are spending on lunch. The results were as we predicted: Just 20% of the surveyed students spent $5 or less for a meal, while 80% of students were spending up to $20.


The next question we asked was: Where can you buy a $5 meal near campus? The response revealed that the only places students could eat for this price were fast-food restaurants. A Place at the Table is here to bridge the gap between healthy and affordable food by providing nutritious, seasonal, and local meals for all people.


After getting a better look into the stomachs and wallets of NC State students, we wanted to know more. We are interested to learn how often students have the chance to engage in meaningful conversations with others that are not like them AND how often they get the chance to make a real difference in the lives of others. A quarter of the students surveyed do not remember the last time they had a meaningful conversation with someone from a different walk of life from their own. Half of the students remembered a specific time that they sat down and got to know someone new, but it was at least several months ago. APATT will foster this environment every day of operation. Students and citizens of Raleigh are welcome to come and enjoy a meal across from a stranger at our “community table.” Over time we hope that strangers become friends.


Being in college often gives students the idea that service has to be measured in hours. We want students to see service in a different light. At A Place at the Table, students will have the opportunity to help daily. From rounding up their meal to the next dollar in order to feed another customer, to simply sitting down with an individual and having a conversation about their interests, this cafe will be an authentic way to serve.

To wrap up, we want to help students to help others in a simple way. This cafe will serve as a place where all people can come and enjoy healthy affordable meals, network with others, and do good in the community.

To bring this cafe to life, we need your help:

1.) Click our crowd-funding link below and donate to the Wolfpack Special

2.) Come in and dine with us upon our opening

3.) Spread the news of our cafe around campus


Through your support, we will collectively change the food insecurity issue in Raleigh. For now, we will save you A Place at the Table!

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6 thoughts on “Go Pack- Support the Cafe!

    • table Post author

      Hi Dave! Thank you for reaching out. We are still building our database of potential volunteers for when we open next year and for events in the upcoming year before we open! We would love to add you to our reserves. Have you signed up for our newsletter yet? Do that to keep in touch and stay aware of all volunteer opportunities! We will also post them on Facebook. Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you!

  • Mindy

    Nice work Interns! It looks like this agency was a perfect placement for all of you! Congrats on your progress and success helping Maggie and the Board achieve their mission!!!! Keep building capacity! Go Pack!
    I am very proud of you! ~ Miss Mindy

  • Diane

    Love what you guys are working towards. Our band SWAG is playing at Kaleidoscope 2015, sponsored by the N&O. There are 30 performers that have been chosen and if our band SWAG wins, we plan to donate 50% of the $1000 to A Place at the Table. We plan to share that via our FB, Website, Twitter and Reverbnation pages. Feel free to contact me if you have further questions