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While some people may see A Place at the Table as just another nonprofit organization, others will see it for what it truly is: a restaurant. One of those people is the food blogging guru from Eat Raleigh. A quick peek at his Twitter account indicates his complete and enthusiastic support for APATT! We can’t wait to have him around the table to blog about our nutritious and delicious food once we’re open! In the mean time, he spent a few minutes thinking about why he’s so excited for A Place at the Table. Read more below.


Eat Raleigh on Why APATT:
When my friend Maggie asked me to write something for A Place at the Table’s blog, jumbled thoughts coursed through my mind without any theme or direction – until I finally understood what all my thoughts about APATT were trying to answer: the question of why.

Why should you have a meal at A Place at the Table?

Other than the food being really good? Well, because across the table from you will sit with a member of your community, a stranger until your meal. Because A Place at the Table overcomes the world’s barriers between people of different socioeconomic situations, so you’re no longer eating with “the poor/hungry/homeless,” you’re simply eating with your neighbor.

Why will A Place at the Table succeed?

Because if Raleigh is serious about the word “community”, we’ll strive to make sure that every citizen of this community is included. That’s why A Place at The Table is important. It’s not just about people unable to afford a meal at a restaurant. It’s about this community – our community – forging forward together and finding room at the table for everyone.


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You still have 25 days to contribute to A Place at the Table’s campaign!

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