December Newsletter

Happy December!


Wow, where has time gone? We cannot believe it is mid December already. This year has flown by right before our eyes. We hope you’ve seen the incredible growth we’ve experienced over the past year. In truth, we all thought that A Place at the Table would be open by now and we would be celebrating the holidays over shared meals with our community. Unfortunately things don’t always work out the way we want. We wish we could announce that we have a location secured and will be open in six months, but we can’t. We don’t have all the answers, but we are hoping, we are praying, and we are anxiously awaiting an answer on a potential place we have been negotiating for a couple of months.


Being as transparent as possible, we are worried. We have been through the location negotiation a few times this year with the end result not being what we hoped. All we can ask for are prayers and continued support of our mission to provide a place at the table for all regardless of means.


What we can tell you is that we are incredibly excited about the next few weeks until the Christmas holiday. Beginning this Wednesday, we will launch A Place at the Table’s 12 Days of Christmas series. We can’t wait to share stories, post pictures, and wrap up this amazing year with you all.  


We could never thank you enough for making 2016 such a great year for us.  We have felt amazingly humbled by your notes, presence at events, and continued donations. Thank you for believing in us.


2017 is our year. We can’t wait to dine with you!

See you at the table.


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