Calling All Volunteers..

A Place at the Table is steadily working on many things to get ready for our opening at the end of the year. One of those things is beginning to build our volunteer database.

What is a volunteer database? A list of volunteers that are excited to volunteer with us daily, weekly, or monthly. We will keep a list in order to solicit volunteers for events before the opening and daily volunteers once the cafe is up and running. APATT will need 8-10 volunteers a day in order to operate most efficiently and be able to provide the most meals and the most fulfilling community for all. The “One World Everybody Eats” model, which has helped foster over 50 cafes across the nation, states volunteerism as a core value. Many of these existing cafes are thriving with the use volunteers to the greatest extent possible, while running on minimal paid staff.

Why is volunteering important to APATT? Volunteering together will strengthen the sense of community we aim to foster in our cafe. Enjoying a meal across from a fellow diner, and chopping carrots/ washing dishes beside a fellow volunteer are both equally beneficial ways to develop friendship. We want people from every part of Raleigh, and every background to join this community we are trying to create, which can only be possible through the work of amazing volunteers.”

What would I be doing as a volunteer? There will be something for everyone to do. From greeting at the door, wiping down tables, sweeping sidewalks, or working in our community garden there will always be a place for you.

Please go on our website and join us in becoming a volunteer. We promise we will not spam your account, but we will keep you in the loop for volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

APATT is only possible if we all work together! Community of Raleigh, let’s do this.

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