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Yesterday we told you the story behind the table. Now we want to tell you more about where we’ll all come together around it. We also want you to know why we need $100,000 to bring our community cafe to life.

We are fortunate enough to be working with a wonderful developer named Cary Joshi. He is building Hillsborough Lofts, a new luxury student apartment building on Hillsborough Street by NC State. We have the privilege of being housed within this awesome building! Currently the project is in the development stage and has seven stories to go!Progress copy

As many of you may already know, building from the ground up is expensive. We are starting with a clean slate and, as such, will need to upfit our location. This means putting in a commercial kitchen — including ventilation and refrigeration — a convection oven, a range, prep tables, and dishwashing sinks and a commercial dishwasher.  We also will likely have to pay rent as we get the space ready prior to opening. Furthermore, there are fees to pay and licenses to acquire before we can legally operate as a commercial kitchen.  

The good thing about being in a brand new space is energy efficiency. Cary Joshi has included several features to make the building energy efficient, so once we’re set up, it should cost less to operate than most older buildings in the area.
printable cafe front door 2


The picture to your right is a mock design for A Place at the Table. As you can see, we plan to have a welcoming open concept. Help us reach our goal of $100,000 by clicking here and you’ll be able to enjoy this space with us as we all dine around the table together.

28 days left! Share our message with all your friends and family.

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  • minister Fenton

    This is Minister Fenton. Me and Darrell Cannot wait to you open up we would love to come work for you do whatever you need us to do and we know God is going to bless this project because I’m standing on the promises of God yea and amen