Thanks for a great night at b. Good!

“When I walked in I was overwhelmed with the amount of people, so I asked someone what it was for. I am incredibly glad I decided to come here tonight and thankful you all are doing what you are doing. I can’t stay and I won’t be able to eat, but I wanted to make a donation. I work downtown and cannot wait for you all to open. I need a place like A Place at the Table.”  I was introduced to a lovely woman who had not heard about us on Thursday evening. She brought tears to my eyes as she continued to explain why she needed A Place at the Table.


Not only were we amazed by the many people that came and shared their stories with us, but we had such a blast at our event at b. Good! The String Peddlers rocked the house with some fun tunes while we all fed our stomachs with delicious grass fed burgers and quinoa bowls! Thank you for coming out to support A Place at the Table and thank you to b. Good for welcoming us in! Take a look at some pictures below and pencil July 23rd from 11am-2pm in your calendars for our July pop-up. More information to come soon. We can’t wait to see you again soon!


IMG_1627 IMG_1621 IMG_1613 2 IMG_1619 2 IMG_1618 IMG_1609 2

IMG_1625 2 IMG_1615

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