August Newsletter

Happy Tuesday!


I have been thinking of you all and the summers you are having. I hope you are getting the needed vacation, staying cool in this disastrous heat, and enjoying time with your friends and family. July was a blast of a month for us. We popped-up with Bandwidth, took a bus ride with a Community Advisory Board member named Zinith, and planned our upcoming pop-up on August 27th at Relish Cafe & Bar.  We are thankful for the community’s support with pop-ups, outreach events, and fundraising. We realize it has been about a year and a half now that we have been establishing our non-profit and raising the funds to open the doors, yet we still do not have an operating cafe (as explained in last month’s newsletter); however, we want you to know that our passion is still just as strong as it was on Day One and we are powering through to get this cafe opened.Volunteer

As the Executive Director of A Place at the Table, my goal is to be as transparent as possible and continue to keep you updated each month in this newsletter.  I wish I could tell you that we have settled on the location and we are all set to open in the next few months, but sadly I can’t. The location search has not been easy. Despite our struggles, I am so grateful for where we started, West Raleigh Presbyterian Church (WRPC) and Hillsborough Lofts. WRPC supported us and believed in us before we believed in us. Hillsborough Lofts, our original location, jumpstarted our journey and pushed us to become who we are today. Without both, A Place at the Table would not be creating a place at the table for all of us.

With that said, A Place at the Table is on the search daily for spaces, working with realtors, and will NOT GIVE UP! We need your help! Do you know landlords? Do you know restaurant spaces going out of business? Please email me at  Until we secure a physical location for our cafe, our plan is to pop-up each month in a different location Stay tuned for future pop-up dates and locations, take a look at our events calendar, and continue to be patient with us.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and support of A Place at the Table. We could not do this without you. See you at our next pop-up!

Peace to all of you,

Maggie Kane
Executive Director





Come pay-what-you-can for a delicious breakfast as we pop-up on August 27th from 9-11AM at Relish Cafe & Bar.



One of our partner agencies and friends Carroll’s Kitchen is getting ready to open its doors. Once they do, they will be a nonprofit restaurant in the heart of downtown Raleigh providing job training to women leaving homelessness. They’ve launched a Kickstarter to come up with the final amount they need to open. Take a look and donate if you can here.



We are going to miss the fabulous Kori Godwin. Through NC State University, Kori has interned for A Place at the Table for two semesters. She has been a joy to be around, has rocked the social media, and has devoted countless hours of time among her busy schedule.  At our Relish pop-up, take a minute to thank Kori for her incredible work and wish her a safe trip across the sea as she goes to Ireland for a whole semester! We are thankful, excited for you, and can’t wait for you to get back! 🙂

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