April Newsletter

Happy Tuesday!

We hope you are enjoying April despite all of the pollen! Soon enough it will be summer!

We wanted to share a quote we were reading this morning while reflecting on Easter and the hope that it brings for our lives and the future of A Place at the Table.

We don’t realize all the good we can do. A kind, encouraging word or helping hand can bring many a person through dark valleys in their lives. We weren’t put here to make money or to acquire status or reputation. We were sent here to search for the light of Easter in our hearts, and when we find it we are meant to give it away generously.
–John O’Donohue (Dawn Mass Reflections at Corcomroe Abbey)

We are frustrated and we are tired. We are desperate to find a location. Some days it doesn’t feel like our brick and mortar cafe will ever happen. We spend weeks and month negotiating on a location, but it falls through. We spend each month devoting hours to planning out events and finding ways to fundraise without a location. We know this is great work and it excites us, but we long for our permanent spot where we can be together more than one time a month. So one may ask why do we keep going?

Easter brings us hope for the future of A Place at the Table. With all the struggle we have been through and the tiredness we have endured, we are renewed in our hope for what is to come.  We will not give up because we know the hope in the table. We know how many people need the hope of Easter everyday.

Can’t wait to see you at the table soon.

Peace to all of you.

See you at our next Second Saturday event on May 13th!

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