APATT Loves Leadership Raleigh!

We have tons of excitement this week as we get ready for our first pop-up this weekend. It is going to be a great day full of community, good food, and laughter. It’s easy to forget about what is happening behind the scenes of big events such as this one this weekend. Luckily for us, we have had Leadership Raleigh 32 through the Chamber of Commerce partnering with us to make this process a more exciting, collaborative effort!

Quoted from the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce website, “Leadership Raleigh is the ideal program for preparing the leaders of tomorrow. During the nine-month program, participants get an in-depth view of community issues, develop leadership skills necessary to assume leadership roles, and are exposed to community involvement opportunities.” A Place at the Table was one of the selected projects in which they assumed leadership roles. How fortunate that APATT was selected by the incredible group, teeming with brilliant and passionate leaders, that has been working with us for months.

Cam, Chad, Erika, Jenny, Sara, and Steve were joys to work with.  We have not only  (almost) pulled off this first pop-up with their leadership, direction, and expertise, but we have enjoyed every minute of getting to know their fantastic characteristics. Thank you for all your hard work, team! We could not have (almost) pulled this off without you.


Take a minute at the pop-up this weekend to introduce yourself to the six people in APATT t-shirts and thank them for their commitment to our cause.



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