Allison Connors on Community Health

Today we hear from one of our board members, Allison Connors, about how APATT hopes to reduce instances of obesity and type 2 diabetes in North Carolina.


Obesity and diseases that result from unhealthy eating are on the rise. In NC, more than 1 in 4 people are obese, and more than 1 million people suffer from diabetes or prediabetes. According to the Diabetes Prevention and Control branch of the NC Division of Public Health, “Lifestyle factors such as being overweight, obesity, lack of physical activity, and unhealthy eating habits are contributing to the diabetes epidemic in the state.”

Most of us know we need to eat healthy food. We need a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, especially greens, seasonal choices, organic items, well-raised animals (if you eat animals) and plants recently from the farm, scratch-made and not processed. But is this sort of diet possible if someone has financial and/or time constraints?

Community cafes like A Place at the Table offer an affordable healthy meal.  By offering a healthy meal using the pay-what-you-can model, which includes an option to volunteer for an hour in exchange for a meal, we are helping to reduce obesity and unhealthy eating-related illnesses in our area.  Even at our maximum suggested donation, we believe our healthy meal will be very affordable.

Please join us in our efforts to reduce the statistics regarding obesity and type 2 diabetes in our state.


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