Activate Good is Activating Raleigh

Today we are really excited to tell you about an awesome local nonprofit organization called Activate Good.

Have you ever wanted to get involved with something but did not know how to go about doing that? Have you ever thought that you want to volunteer but could not find an opportunity that fits your work schedule? Have you had a dream to do something, but have not known where to start?

Activate Good is your solution. Its mission is to activate volunteers to help charitable causes in the local community. Activate Good uses volunteers to the greatest extent and empowers volunteers to find opportunities suited to their individual needs.

According to its website, the organization “works as a ‘force multiplier’ for local causes with volunteer needs.” Through its outreach efforts and online volunteer community, Activate Good “helps recruit and connect individuals, groups, and companies to fulfill volunteer needs with partnering nonprofits in Raleigh and the Greater Triangle.”

We challenge each and every one of you to check out Activate Good and find out where you can volunteer. It may be working in a nonprofit on a Saturday morning, or finding a Board of Director’s position, or learning about other awesome nonprofits doing fulfilling and needed work. It may be as simple as attending Activate Good’s fundraiser coming up in November.  Let’s bring volunteerism to the Triangle. Collaboration is key to success, inclusion, and a healthy and happy community. We can do this if we work together!

One last thing—Executive Director Amber Smith rocks! She is a fellow NC State graduate who followed her dream. Will you do the same?

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