#FeatureFriday- Buku

Merci, buku to all of our donors that have allowed us to get to the point we are today! We had a fantastic celebration Wednesday evening with you all. Not only was it fantastic because of the many amazing people who were able to attend, but Buku in downtown Raleigh created a once in a lifetime experience for us with food, drinks, and laughter.

Known for their global street food, they made sure to provide something for everyone. From the neverending sushi boat to the tasty empanadas, the many vegan and vegetarian options to the beef and chicken skewers, people were stuffed and satisfied before hitting the dessert. However, the sinful cheesecake and the fresh brownies could not be passed up by a soul. The cocktails and local beers were being served by an incredible staff while APATT donors got to know one another and enjoyed time at one of the comfortable booths or outside patio tables. The food, the hospitality, and memories created was something none of us will forget.

We cannot thank Buku enough for opening its doors and single handedly throwing APATT a killer donor appreciation party! We can’t wait to come again!

Check out Buku’s website and make a reservation to dine with them. We promise you, you will not regret it.



The amazing spread they had for APATT!


Hollie, Allison, Maggie, and Sean (the reason behind it all and Buku co-owner)

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