Celebrating Abe Lincoln’s Birthday with The Blind Pig


Mystery, food, and fellowship anyone? With the Blind Pig Supper Club, all of these qualities unite to create a magical, conversation-filled night for you and your guests. The Blind Pig Supper Club is not your ordinary dinner out: the club is philanthropic and works to benefit the community. From the fresh, healthy ingredients to the unique dining environments with amazing chefs, the Club is a must to attend in Raleigh! On top of the delicious food, gracious fundraising efforts, and amazing fellowship that the Club creates, diners do not know the location until just days before the event.

“The excitement of the unknown is a draw for sure. The meal and event space is a total mystery which is fun. Plus, it’s the ultimate hipster, foodie thing to do!! The fact that it was a Place at the Table fundraiser also tipped the scales.” -Georgia Brown, attendee of the upcoming Blind Pig Supper Club Dinner for A Place at the Table

For each meal, The Blind Pig picks a different charity to donate the proceeds to. Why are we so excited about this, you may be asking? The Club chose A Place at the Table as the nonprofit for the supper this week! We will be dining as Abe Lincoln did with themed food and decor this upcoming Friday. We have loved being part of The Blind Pig Supper Club experience and would love nothing more than to work with these amazing chefs in the future.

“I’m looking forward to experiencing the Blind Pig Supper Club. I love the idea of bringing people together, sharing a meal, creating community and hospitality with others. It sounds like the perfect place to share the story of APATT – so I’m honored that they would choose APATT to be the beneficiary of the dinner.” -Hollie Woodruff, board member of A Place at the Table



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