This Radical Idea isn’t so Radical

As an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) I have a robust understanding of what it means to be welcomed at the Table.  What many call Communion or Eucharist, I call Table Theology. While many mainline denominations practice Communion, not many celebrate Communion each worship service and many more have parameters on who is invited (or allowed) at the Table.  But in the Disciples tradition – everyone is invited to the Table, as it is not our table but Christ’s table.


But while everyone is invited to the Table, not everyone comes. What is challenging about the Table is that while I am invited to partake in Communion, so is my neighbor who cancelled my vote in the last election, the driver who just cut me off in traffic, as well as that guy who was just released from prison, not to mention that drunken uncle who always ruins Thanksgiving.  It’s difficult to gather with people that are not like me, who don’t look like me, who dress differently, or don’t think like I do.  Table fellowship is easy and even romantic when I am dining with people like myself, but it is an unabashed revolution to think that I am able to humble and stretch myself to sit and dine with those who are not!  


It is with this understanding of Table fellowship that stirs my passion for A Place At The Table – a pay-as-you can café that will strive to create an atmosphere for community while serving good healthy food to all, regardless of means.  The idealist in me loves that there will be a place where all can come to have a meal with dignity; where friends can choose to meet for lunch, where a family who would not otherwise be able to eat out can enjoy a meal at a reduced rate, and where strangers might choose to talk to people and become friends.  I’m such a radical idealist that I believe A Place At The Table can change the world!  
This radical idea isn’t so radical. It is completely possible to create a space for people to have a healthy meal. It is imaginable to humble and stretch ourselves to learn from others. I ask you to join me in making A Place At The Table a reality.  Donate


–Hollie Woodruff, Board Member

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